Blissman Studios Tour

Blissman Studios is an all digital facility using Pro Tools as its main platform.  Pro Tools is still the industry standard for digital recording.  In addition to Pro Tools, we also have hundreds of plugins such as Waves, and virtual instruments like Abbey Roads and Garritan Personal Orchestra to enhance your project.

Nice Mics!

We have a wide variety of quality microphones to select from to capture the sound you are looking for. From classic Shure SM 57's and Neumann TLM 103's to exotic Shinybox ribbon mics, we have the right microphone for your project!  Recent additions include Sennheiser 421's and a Neumann U87!


Mic Pres

We use quality mic preamps from Joe Meek, DBX, HHBChameleon Labs and Presonus to help give warmth and character to your sound.   Both solid state and tube mic pres are utilized during recording and mix down to help your recording come alive!  In addition, the main interface is a Black Lion Audio Digi002R with the Signature Series Modification.
Created by famed Australian studio designer, John Sayers, Blissman Studios started as a 6-month voyage into "technoid" chat rooms and studio design forums.  John graciously designed a studio space that would have good design function while allowing for good visual accuity for all the musicians.  The rooms have excellent sound isolation and possess a very flat room response.  Construction began in the fall of 2006 and was completed by early 2008.
Seattle/Tacoma 253-886-0134